Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can take the wheels off. However, we strongly suggest that if your land is flood prone you leave the wheels on.  The trailer itself is fixed and cannot be removed. Our recommendation would be to keep them on at all times.

You can site your Tiny Home within the curtilage of your own home without the need for planning permission. However, we strongly advise that you check with your local council as it different across the country.

You would benefit from owning a Tiny Home if you need:

(1) Additional housing. If a dwelling already exists, in almost all cases you can site your Tiny on your land. A tiny could be used for an extra room for a growing family, housing for relatives or university students, home office or studio, hobbies room, games room, short-term holiday accommodation, study room for a teenager, nanny or au pair quarters. This includes residential and farm blocks.

(2) Temporary accommodation during construction of a new house  (and once the main house is complete you have a guesthouse for extra space or it can be relocated to another site).

(3) To achieve sustainability and have less of an impact on the environment.

(4) Accommodation on a rural block that has no building entitlement but allows for a caravan.

(5) Holiday accommodation at a caravan park, similar to that of a cabin. It is essentially a caravan with an optional annexe.

(6) Holiday accommodation by registering with ‘Airbnb’

(7) Temporary accommodation on an agricultural site.

(8) Need to be mortgage free. Oh, the possibilities!

We offer a delivery service across the UK and Ireland. Delivery is an additional cost.

Weights vary depending on the model.  The average Tiny Home weights approx. 3.5 tonnes

Build times vary depending on the model.  On average it’s 8-12 weeks in the workshop.  Depending on the demand, there may be lead times of up to 6 months.

The Tiny Home is built in our workshop. Therefore, there is no construction noise or mess on your site. If you order the Annexe series, we will construct the trailer and annexe in our workshop, and then deliver the two parts.

Please feel free to call or email us to discuss which model would best suit your needs.  We have a variety of shapes and sizes to select and all can be changed to suit your own design requirements.

Yes it can.  You can power your Tiny home through a mix of solar and wind energy. However, in most cases we will design a ‘hybrid solution’ which incorporates a mix of both solutions with a small generator.

Yes! We are a custom build company, so we can build to suit whatever layout you want and/or your budget.

Quotes are free. Additionally, we can provide a bespoke computer 3D model at a small charge allowing you to “walk through” your design.

You can pay a 20% non-refundable deposit and secure a placeholder position, which allows you to have your Tiny Home delivered as soon as you are ready.

We can offer a payment plan of 5 payments to be paid at the following stages: 20% deposit, 20% at trailer stage, 20% at timber frame stage, 20% at watertight stage and the final 20% upon completion. We also have partnered with an external finance company who can look into financing up to 90% of the cost of your Tiny Home.

Yes, the tiny home has insullation in the floor, walls and roof. In addition, all windows are double glazed.

There are a few options at an additional cost:  (1) Connect to existing sewer system (mains or septic) by engaging a local plumber.  A Tiny Home comes with a standard flushing toilet ready for your local plumber to connect to your existing system.   If there’s no existing sewer system available you have the option of either: (1) a composting toilet or (2) installing a septic tank system to connect to your flushing toilet.

Our standard Tiny Home connects with a garden hose like a traditional caravan. Rainwater collection into tanks is another option.  We offer an onsite rainwater DIY kit or we can install built in water tanks.

LPG gas is used to run the cooker, oven and hot water system.

The maximum height from ground to ridge is 4.3m.  The maximum trailer length that we make is 7m. The maximum width is 2.4m; additionally an annexe can be incorporated to give a width of 5m. This is fixed to the ground (not on wheels).

You can make an appointment to come and view our Tiny Homes.  We have an active workshop with up to 8 tiny homes to view at various stages. At most times there is at least 1 Tiny Home 100% complete but not guaranteed.  We advise you call to check.

Our standard Tiny Home runs on a solar and wind/mains hybrid electrical system. It runs off solar/wind with battery storage for the lights and a 15amp mains power for the appliances (such as a full size fridge, TV etc). The Tiny Home plugs in by an electrical lead like a traditional caravan. You can have more or less solar/wind if desired.

When your Tiny is ready for delivery we will give you plenty of notice so you can (a) make sure the area your Tiny will be going is level, (b) make sure the area is accessible, i.e. no over hanging branches, driveway wide enough etc.  More about this will be discussed with you throughout the construction process of your Tiny.

Dependent upon location of delivery we can look at this at an extra cost.

If you choose our delivery service we deliver the Tiny from the workshop to your property using a 4WD vehicle.  If your land is prepared properly and driveway or access to your property is straightforward, i.e. enough width and clear from over hanging branches etc,  it takes approximately 45 minutes to set the Tiny in place.  *If you are unable to do the installation yourself our drivers may be able to assist you. We would need to know this in advance to be able to cost this for you.  You also have the option of  employing a local plumber and/or electrician to install everything for you.

If you don’t have access to a back garden, property, block of land, you could try caravan parks and/or Tiny Home communities.  We hope that government legislation will be relaxed and we can offer our Tiny homes more widely available, fingers crossed to that!

This is not currently being offered, but is something that we are looking into.

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Ordering your Tiny Home

The typical construction time to complete a standard model Tiny Home is 12 weeks. In order to find out the next available completion date, please contact our office.

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